This template demonstrates some of the basic markdown you’ll need to know to create a JSS article with pagedown (Xie, Lesur, Thorne, and Tan 2023).

Code formatting

You should use Pandoc’s markdown but you also can use \(\LaTeX\) commands:

  • Java or \(\proglang{Java}\)
  • plyr, plyr or \(\pkg{plyr}\)
  • print("abc") or \(\code{print("abc")}\)

R code

Can be inserted in regular R Markdown blocks.

R> x <- 1:10
R> x
 [1]  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10

Render the document

If you use the option self_contained: false (see line #22 of this Rmd file), don’t click on the Knit button in RStudio. Use instead the xaringan (Xie 2022) RStudio add-in Infinite Moon Reader.


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Xie Y, Lesur R, Thorne B, Tan X (2023). Pagedown: Paginate the HTML Output of r Markdown with CSS for Print. Retrieved from